The story of a dedicated geek and his band of geeky friends...

Back in 2005 Morlock decided that enough was enough and he wanted to forge his own path in life. He looked about him, selected a few key items, packed them in a hobo bag and set off on his journey to the deepest darkest basement he could find. Fortunately he didn't have to go very far. Deep in his cave he puts together crazy props of his liking, or what other people have drooled for, er hoped for?... at any rate...

Morlock Enterprises made its debut at Anime Boston in 2005. Since that time Morlock has traveled far and wide spreading geeky goodness.

Our most current endeavour is the Fighting Man's Frying Pan, or FMFP. We are running a Kickstarter to get this project off the ground.

Combat Kitchenware Kickstarter


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